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Bitzer Service Valve Sutrak p/n

sutrak part no bitzer/sutrak compressor shut off valve


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Bock Service Valve Sutrak p/n

Bock compressor shut off valve part no 24,01,75,095


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Cap – Service Valve Sutrak p/n

Service valve cap sutrak p/n


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Clutch 8PK TM31 Sutrak p/no

Clutch assembly 8PK 24v for TM31 Seltec Sutrak part no.



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Clutch Assembly Hispacold p/n 4050019

clutch assembly for Hispacold system, part number 4050019. unit with out clutch coil

our ref H4050019

use with coil 4150019


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Clutch Coil Hispacold p/n 4150019

clutch coil 24V for hispacold system, part number 4150019

our ref H4150019


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Clutch Coil LA16 Sutrak p/no

clutch coil 24V 60W for LA16.198 clip type cable connection, sutrak part number



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Collecting Ring with Felt Assy Kit sutrak p/n

Collecting ring with felt assy for Bock compressor. Sutrak p/n


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Compressor – Bock FKX40/560K R134A Sutrak p/n

Compressor Bock FKX40/560K R134a without service valves or pressure switches. Sutrak p/n 240101060-46. Available as part of our special offer with 3 year warranty, subject to te…


was: £1,234.57

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Compressor – Sanden TRS105 3206 12V Sutrak p/n

Sanden compressor TRS105 3206 12v sutrak p/n


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