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Passenger Access Lifts

Lock Hidral p/no GP01550

hidral part number GP01550 lock assy, shown in picture with coil GP01E03


our ref TL240010


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Lower Central Bearing Hidral p/no GP01V29

lower central bearing for hidral passenger lift

part number GP01V29

our ref TL240032


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Lower Rail Bearing Hidral p/no GP01V04

lower rail bearing for hidral passenger lift

part number GP01V04

our ref TL240031



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Magnetic Detector Hidral p/no GP01E10

magnetic detector for hidral passenger lift

part number GP01E10

our ref TL240035


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Magnetic Sensor Manual Flap Hidral p/n GP01E97

magnetic sensor for the manual flap on the hidral passenger lift

hidral part number GP01E97

our ref TL240087


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Main Switch Hidral p/no GP2

main switch for hidral passenger lift

part number GP2

our ref TL240037


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Male Base Hidral p/n GP27

grey male base for control lead plug, hidral part number GP27

our ref TL240090

use with TL240091 male plug


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Male Plug Hidral p/n GP29

square plug male 4 pin for control lead, hidral part number GP29

our ref TL240091

use with TL240090 male base


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Manual Hand Pump Handle Hidral p/n GP01H02/M

manual hand pump handle hidral part number GP01H02/M

our ref TL240053


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Motor Gear Kit Large 25mm Hidral p/n GP01V110

motor gear kit, for 25mm bridge plate motor, hidral part number GP01V110

our ref TL240075


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