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Passenger Access Lifts

Female Base Hidral p/n GP28

female base for control lead socket, hodral part number GP28

our ref TL240079

use with TL240080 socket


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Flow Divider Hidral p/no GP01HVEQ

hidral part number GP01HVEQ flow divider


our ref TL240013


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Flow Regulator Valve Hidral p/no GP01H06

flow direction regulator valve for hidral passenger lift

part number GP01H06

our ref TL240021


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Gas Spring Hidral p/no GP01V08

hidral part number GP01V08 gas spring 150N


our ref TL240008


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Gas Spring Hidral p/no GP01V09

hidral part number GP01V09 gas spring 250N


our ref TL240005


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Gas Strutt 350Nm Hidral p/n GP01V10/2

gas strutt 350nm for hidral passenger lift part number GP01V10/2

our ref TL240050


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Hand Pump Hidral p/no GP01H02

hidral part number GP01H02 hand pump assembly


our ref TL240012


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Handrail Cylinder Hidral p/no GP01H11

hidral part number GP01H11 cylinder for front flap and also handrail


our ref TL240007


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Hose Assy Hidral p/n GPLH1

hose assembly for hidral passenger lift, hidral part number GPLH1

our ref TL240061


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Hydraulic Cylinder Lower Arm Hidral p/no GP01761

lower arm hydraulic cylinder for hidral passenger lift

part number GP01755

our ref TL240042


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